Public Supply Story

Our Grand-Opening at Public Supply Co. comes with a free watches offer! This means you pick what watches you like best, and only pay shipping. We'll cover the rest.

How does this work?

We scour suppliers for all of the best products we can find, as well as the best deals. When we negotiate pricing, we succeed in getting the lowest prices and bringing MSRP to you.

Money gets spent on advertising - that's a reality for business. However, here at Public Supply Co. we wanted to try investing that money in our customers. By paying for the difference with our free products, we expect to save on advertising!

Is it safe to pay online?


All payment information is handled through the encrypted payment provider of your choice (depending on your payment method).

Public Supply Co. does not store, or even have access to any of your payment details.

Are there any hidden fees?

There are absolutely NO hidden or recurring fees whatsoever!

The shipping and handling is typically $14.95 per watch, but can vary depending on your location.

To find out the exact shipping rate for you, simply type your address into the checkout menu and our shipping calculator will tell you precisely! 

Checkout our free watches here!